Gallery Heinzel Contemporary Art. 24 Thistle St. Aberdeen AB10 1XD

8th June - 7th September 2019

Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow

2019  (dates to be confirmed)



 New Paintings

Smithy Gallery, Glasgow. 7th October - 11th November 2018

The Untold 

Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh  2016

New works

Smithy Gallery, Glasgow  2014

Fellowship Exhibition

The Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh  2012

New Work

Panter and Hall, London  2011

New Work

Smithy Gallery, Glasgow  2011

Feathers and Friends

Hanna's Contemporary Gallery, Dundee  2006

Inverarity Vaults Travel Award Exhibition

RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow  2009



Group shows

I've taken part in many art fairs, group and society exhibitions across the UK, too numerous to list here, but which include the following:

The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London

Hampstead Art Fair, London

Manchester Art Fair

RGI, RSA, VAS Annual exhibitions, Edinburgh